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Welcome to Crown Star Beauties & Co. We are Independent LipSense Distributors (and sisters/business partners) on a mission to empower women just like you! 

We want you to feel beautiful both inside and out–because you are. So, we’re sharing tips and products that focus on your health, beauty, and mindset.

xoxo, Lani & Kari

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about LipSense, SeneGence, or becoming a distributor? These frequently asked questions will answer most of them, but if you have more please email us at crownstarbeauties [at] gmail [dot] com.
How long does LipSense last?
4-18 hours, this can vary due to your body chemistry and habits.
What is the shelf life for LipSense?
Three years opened or seven years unopened.
Is LipSense tested on animals?
LipSense products are Vegan, Gluten free, Lead free, Non-GMO, and are never tested on animals.
How much does it cost to sign up as a distributor?
It is only $55 to sign up!
What discount can I get if I become a distributor?
As a distributor you can get 20-50% off every order. For more information about how to become a distributor please send me an email!
How do I host a LipSense party?
I can help you host a LipSense party in your home or on Facebook. You invite your friends and I will do all the work. You also can earn free product based on the sales at your party! Send me an email to schedule your party!


I was tired of her reapplying those other ugly colors on me 10 million times per day. Kari's Lips

Now I don’t have to go to school with my mom’s lipstick on my cheek. Kari's 6-year-old son

Never again do I have to worry about walking around for 4 hours with lipstick unknowingly stuck to me. Lani's Chin

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